A Heavy Haul Trucking Company delivering Oversize Loads to Oil fields.

Heavy haul trucking to remote oil field locations can be challenging when you are transporting cranes, coiled tubing, drill rigs, excavation equipment, Trackmobiles or even mining equipment, but that’s our specialty.

We are Double Diamond Transport LLC and we cut our teeth on oil field work and heavy hauling in the Bakken, where potholes and ruts can swallow up a small car and highways are too often glare ice. We have the skill and equipment to safely deliver a 130-thousand pound crane down dirt roads to an oil rig or carefully maneuver an oversized load through the tightest job site. All our employees are OSHA certified so we can access your job sites without problems.

Double Diamond Transport LLC is a professional heavy haul carrier that believes in personal service and showing respect for our customers, by taking care of your equipment and protecting your investment over its long haul. We understand the level of service that you expect from a heavy haul company that transports oversize, overdimensional, and superloads. You need it delivered safely, on time and for a reasonable price; that’s what we do!

We have specialized trucks with more axles for heavy hauling, so we can get under the tonnage limits when road restrictions are on. We also do our own permitting in-house, so we can get that oversize or overdimensional load permitted and transported quicker than just about anyone else. Time is money, we get that; which is why we are available 24/7 with the proper configurations to get your load there safely, legally, affordably and most of all …when you need it!

We offer more than just PRICE, we offer you the best VALUE.