Oversize, Overdimensional & Heavy Haul Equipment Trucking to Oilfields

In the heavy haul business time is money …BIG money. That’s why we have streamlined every step of the transport process at Double Diamond Transport, LLC, so you’ll have less downtime and can meet your scheduled obligations.

We have our own in-house permitting, plus the experience to get oversize or overdimensional loads permitted quicker and on the road faster, without the delays and downtime typically associated with third party vendors. We also have our own in-house maintenance facility and mechanic to keep our rigs running strong, so we aren’t plagued with breakdowns, due to lack of preventative maintenance.


However, the greatest advantage we have over our competition is our employees, because we are all family, even if we are not all related by blood. We live, work and function as one well-oiled machine and that eliminates 99% of the problems that most of our competition faces. Our operation just runs smoother and is more dependable because we all buy into the “We Ride for the Brand” philosophy. That means pride of ownership, and that a man’s word can be trusted, it also means that you’re responsible for the job until every last detail is carried through. It means we are fully committed to you until the job is done and you are satisfied with our work.



Tractors range from 3 to 5 axles.

Trailer Fleet specs:      

60 Ton RGN's  3 to 6 axle configurations
53' Stepdecks
Side Dump
Triple axle Beavertail Equipment trailer
Hot Shot - with or with out 36' trailer

You won’t find an outfit with a better combination of Value, Pride and Service than Double Diamond Transport, LLC. Please give us a call at 701-509-3052; we will take care of everything to get your loads delivered safely, legally and on-time.